Top 5 Pen Voice Recorders to Record Secret Conversations

Pen Voice Recorders are supposed to be the best inventions to record insider secrets, discussions, and more with dialogue. They have various amazing features, including concealed speakers to playback and record sound in real time also. The spy pen voice recorders even write private documents and record secret events or interactions.


  1. iXium HD Camera Pen with Audio and Video Recording

It is a world-class and genuine pen with audio and video recording. This camcorder pen features top quality, concealed camcorder with simple push and audio to start recording. You can modify picture and video settings using a simple adaption of key. You can take video clips or hours thanks to its 32GB memory. You can upload video clips easier and move documents with USB slot.


  1. VANZ High Resolution Real-Time Recording Pen

This compact mini spy pen has a lot of features like great video recording impact, digital photo and HD video recording. It has got stylish design. It has rechargeable battery via USB slot and it comes with charging cable. It has sound recording and 4GB storage. It also supports MAC and has USB slot to transfer files.


  1. FabQuality Concealed Camera Secret Voice Recorder

It is a professional secret voice recorder pen with plug and play feature. It has 8MP camera with 1920x1080p HD resolution for clear video recordings. You can start/stop recording video with just one click. It has in-built 220mAh lithium ion battery which ensures long recording.


  1. Livescribe 2GB Recorder Eco Smart Pen

This Echo smart pen from LiveScribe can work more smartly. You can record what you can listen to, point out and record.  You can replay sound with Livescribe document, smartphone or even PC. You can listen to and record notes the way they are being played. You can share sounds and notes from the paper to Google Docs, Email etc. It can capture whatever you record so you can never overlook any detail.


  1. I3C Compact 1080p HD Camera Digital Pen Recorder

It is more than just a regular pen which comes with recording camera that has 1080p high resolution. It is an impressive mini camera which can record pictures in 2560x1440p resolution. It is a great device for teaching, commercial sectors, trade protection, multimedia, security, tourism, and other uses. It is easy to use and fully flexible. One can easily plug it in to the laptop and you can move the data files to PC.


You can find different other pen video recorders in varied price ranges and features according to your needs at Safety Basement.